Maximize Success with Microsoft-Powered AffableBPM Solutions

Partnering with Microsoft to Deliver Optimal Solutions

As a Microsoft partner, AffableBPM develops its SaaS solution using a wide range of Microsoft technologies, ensuring it is reliable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective for our customers. This partnership as an Independent Solution Vendor (ISV) under the ISV Success Program also accelerates our time to market, as it allows us to leverage the Microsoft Azure marketplace for easy customer access to our solutions. This collaboration with Microsoft assists AffableBPM in delivering optimal benefits to our customers at every stage of solution deployment, from discovery to production. 


AffableBPM, a Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner, offers a diverse range of products and services for cloud computing. It enables application development and management across multiple cloud environments, on-premises, and at the edge, with customizable tools and frameworks. As a partner, AffableBPM provides global Microsoft services with 24/7 customer support and ensures seamless compatibility with Azure technologies through its partnership certification.


Through a dynamic partnership with Microsoft Startup Founders Hub, AffableBPM gains access to a supportive platform that empowers innovative startup founders, offering cutting-edge resources, mentorship, and a vibrant network of industry experts. This collaboration fosters growth, accelerates success, and drives transformative impact within AffableBPM and the broader startup ecosystem.


As one of the distinguished top 6 ISVs in the Microsoft ISV Success Program, AffableBPM has successfully achieved rapid scalability and gained comprehensive strategic support within the ISV ecosystem. Leveraging Microsoft technologies, we are able to thrive, innovate, and attain success in meeting our own and customers’ business objectives.

Automate Your Data and Business Operations With AffableBPM Solutions

As an aligned Microsoft ISV partner, AffableBPM provides ready-to-implement solutions and add-ons available and transactable on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With our user-friendly approach beginning with a  Proof-of-Concept, we showcase our value to customers from the get-go. This streamlines the process, ensuring the final production deployment is both straightforward and seamless. With AffableBPM, we make the complex simple! 

Microsoft Azure Marketplace
AffableBPM SaaS Solution For Enterprise
Streamline your end-to-end business processes by using automation that can be customized based on the specific needs of small-to-enterprise businesses. Increase efficiencies by 100% and reduce penalty risk.
AffableBPM Express for SMB

Automate and streamline customers’ contract management, asset management, inventory management, case management, and various operational business processes.

AffableBPM Importer Module Software as a Service

Automate document processing and data input with advanced machine learning. Automatically recognize metadata from invoices, insurance policies, receipts, and more, reducing manual work and costs.

AffableBPM Data Simplifyer Software as a Service

Streamline operations, boosts efficiency, and accelerates digital transformation by replacing outdated systems with web-based applications. Enable workflow transformation, enhance productivity, and cuts transformation costs by up to 60%.



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