AffableBPM’s AI-Enabled Healthcare Revolution: A Microsoft and Women in Cloud Success Story 


In a groundbreaking achievement, AffableBPM, a leading AI-enabled SaaS solution, has been acknowledged for its remarkable contribution to healthcare back-office automation through the Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative. Recognized for its outstanding efforts by both Microsoft and Women in Cloud (WIC), AffableBPM’s Founder and CEO, Rajashree Varma, recently shared exclusive insights into the company’s journey, mission, and commitment to aligning business practices with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Mission and Founding Inspiration: 

AffableBPM is on a mission to revolutionize business process automation in healthcare, offering two distinct versions – AffableBPM Enterprise for larger enterprises and AffableBPM Express for small businesses. Rajashree Varma’s passion for technology and business leadership, coupled with her Microsoft background, inspired the creation of AffableBPM, emphasizing the importance of innovation and efficiency in the healthcare sector. 

Marketplace Presence and Offerings: 

With two tailored versions, AffableBPM caters to organizations of all sizes, providing streamlined business process automation. Accessible on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, the solutions ensure security, compliance, and efficient licensing and billing capabilities, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence. 

Microsoft Support and Cloud Products: 

AffableBPM’s success is intertwined with Microsoft’s ISV Success program, which played a crucial role in guiding the company to publish solutions on the marketplace. Developed on the complete Microsoft stack, the SaaS solution leverages Azure services such as Azure App Service, Azure Virtual Machine, Azure Application Gateway, Azure AI services, and more, ensuring a robust and reliable foundation. 

Alignment with UN SDGs: 

AffableBPM is not only dedicated to innovation but is also committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure. By promoting resource efficiency and sustainability in business processes, the company actively contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and supporting long-term resource efficiency. 

AI in App Development: 

AffableBPM’s adoption of AI services for various features, including data importer, chatbot copilot for help docs, data simplifier, and process mining, showcases a commitment to cutting-edge technology. These AI-powered features enhance accuracy, streamline processes, and provide higher efficiency and productivity to healthcare customers. 

Business Partnerships: 

Strategic partnerships with companies like Lexmark underscore AffableBPM’s commitment to accessibility through integrated solutions. Collaborations with non-Microsoft Managed Service Providers and resellers contribute to expanding AffableBPM’s reach and adoption, fostering a collaborative ecosystem. 

Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative and Women in Cloud (WIC): 

The #BuildFor2030 Initiative by Microsoft focuses on supporting solutions aligned with the UN SDGs. Through this initiative, Microsoft empowers partners like AffableBPM to create technology solutions that drive positive societal impact. Women in Cloud (WIC) recognizes and celebrates women leaders like Rajashree Varma, highlighting their significant contributions to the technology industry. 


AffableBPM’s recognition by Microsoft and Women in Cloud is a testament to its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and positive societal impact. As the company continues to pioneer AI-enabled solutions in healthcare, its story stands as an inspiring example of how technology can drive positive change and contribute to a better future.