We are thrilled to announce that Neil Jordan, a seasoned veteran with 30 years of experience in the global software industry, including 23 years in leadership roles at Microsoft, is joining our team as an Advisory Board! Neil was recently the leader and chief strategist worldwide at Microsoft for the convergence of the Retail and Health industries. During his time in the US Neil has also generated 4 health-related patents including two co-authored with Bill Gates. Before assuming this role, Neil was the worldwide Health industry lead for Microsoft. Over 9 years, he defined, drove, and led the Microsoft vision for the future of Healthcare and how Microsoft products, technologies and partner solutions make it a reality. Before that, he led the Microsoft UK team during the largest ever development and procurement of healthcare technology, during the NHS National Program for IT.   

Neil is passionate about drawing powerful connections between people, ideas, and issues, aiming to address challenges on both individual and systemic levels. He recognizes that healthcare systems require improvement, with change starting at the individual level. His commitment to resolve systemic failures in the healthcare industry is apparent in his drive to address the issue from different perspectives including Health Coaching, Healthcare Transformation and Patient Centric Solutions. 

Neil obtained a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in archaeology and anthropology, and a Master of Arts in biological anthropology from Cambridge University. Currently residing in the Seattle area, Neil is also a former professional classical singer and continues to perform, learn, and teach. He also sits on the board of KING FM, a Seattle-based classical radio station. 

Neil brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the healthcare industry to our organization, aligning perfectly with our mission to innovate and excel in the world of business process management while keeping customers’ needs at the forefront.  

His diverse background in music, healthcare, neuro leadership, inclusivity, and software leadership make him a valuable addition to our advisory board. 

Neil expressed his excitement  “I’m delighted to join the team at AffableBPM at a time when health providers and payors so badly need solutions to help create efficiencies and take administrative burden off their burnt-out staff. AI has so much potential in healthcare and not just in the clinical realms; there are so many back-office processes that can be automated and smoothed with AI, for the benefit of the staff, clinicians and patients, and ultimately the whole system. 

Additionally, I feel it so important to assist and build more women-owned business in the healthcare industry, and more broadly. There is so much underrepresentation of female ideas and energy in an industry that is so clearly dependent on the work of women at all levels, and so it’s particularly valuable to me to help redress the balance in the health tech sector.” 

Our CEO, Rajashree Varma, is delighted to welcome Neil Jordan to our Advisory Board and sharing “Neil’s remarkable career, especially his contributions to the healthcare industry during his time at Microsoft, reflects his strategic expertise and innovative mindset. At AffableBPM, we are dedicated to enhancing operational efficiencies for our valued healthcare clients. By integrating AI into our solution, we aim to revolutionize how back-office processes work in the AI-powered automation era. We are confident that Neil’s background will provide us with valuable insights as we continue this innovative growth journey.”