Implementation Services

Affable BPM is available as a cloud based service to meet your requirements and provides customized solutions that do not require you to write code

Options are available to either download the software solution by you, or letting our Technical Team help you by providing online and/or onsite assistance. We will work with you based on your level of support needed to make implementation a smooth transition.

How it Works?


Design & Implement




Fast deployment and onboarding within 1 to 2 weeks time!


Download from the centre of template(s) from where you can use and install AffableBPM software on your system. A detailed online manual with step-by-step instructions can help you install the software and get started. Online training and implementation are available.


Onsite support will be scheduled as part of the SLA to work with training, install and implementation. Online and onsite training will be provided by our Technical Team.