We are filled with immense pride as we take this opportunity to share the recognition we received in July from the industry. These acknowledgments highlight our dedicated endeavors in tailoring and automating back-office processes for our valued customers.

Microsoft Inspire

In the month of July each year, Microsoft holds its Inspire event, marking the commencement of its financial year. This year, the virtual event drew over 400,000 Microsoft partners who gathered to gain insights into the company’s strategies for the upcoming fiscal year. The event serves as a platform for Microsoft to spotlight partner success stories, showcasing how they are leveraging Microsoft technologies to assist their customers.

Among the selected partners, AffableBPM had the privilege to stand out. We were chosen to demonstrate how our solutions are transforming back-office processes in the Healthcare industry through AI-driven automation. It brings us immense excitement to present a video featuring our esteemed CEO, Raj Varma, sharing the stage with Microsoft. This video sheds light on our partnership and collaborative endeavors.


Rajashree at Microsoft Inspire Interview


The significance of July 2023 holds a special place in our hearts, particularly in terms of industry recognition. Beyond our prominent presence at the esteemed Microsoft partner event, Inspire, AffableBPM garnered another accolade – the esteemed B2B Rising Startup award from the global Women In Cloud community, spanning across over 60 countries.

It fills us with gratitude and pride to be selected as the victor in the B2B Rising Startup category among numerous nominations. This acknowledgment underscores our dedication and the impact we are making in the industry.

WIC - Raj and LindaWIC-Winners

We are thrilled to announce that our esteemed CEO has been honored as a member of the Top 100 Women Founders who are making a significant impact on the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) landscape and contributing to the UN’s 2023 Goals List. This recognition highlights her exceptional leadership and commitment to driving positive change in these crucial areas.

WIC-Rajashree Varma Top 100 Founder

Celebration in Seattle

The enchantment of commemorating our industry recognition was amplified as we gathered with our local team members, investors, and advisors at Raj’s splendid residence in Sammamish, Washington. We extend our deepest gratitude to our global team, spanning from North Carolina to the Philippines and India, as this achievement wouldn’t have been attainable without their unwavering dedication. We also express sincere appreciation to our valued customers for presenting us the opportunity to assist them in streamlining their back-office processes. Their trust and collaboration inspire us to continuously innovate and excel.

Celebration in Seattle 1

Celebration in Seattle 2