Seattle, WA – August 2, 2023 – Mastersfund is pleased to announce that its portfolio companyAffableBPM Corporation has been selected as winner of the Women In Cloud (WIC) #empowHERaccess Rising B2B Startup Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the tech industry. Founder and CEO, Rajashree Varma has also been selected as a WIC Top 100 B2B Women Tech Founders Impacting ESG and UN 2030 Goals. 

AffableBPM is a dynamic, innovative company at the forefront of business process management solutions, with a strong focus on the healthcare market. This HIPAA compliant solution runs on Microsoft Azure and leverages AI to revolutionize the efficiencies of healthcare back-offices and provide fully compliant, unified data to healthcare providers across a range of entities.

Speaking at the recent Microsoft Inspire event, Rajashree Varma, provided an example of how terabytes of data can be managed: “AffableBPM’s AI-driven Data Importer module analyzes and extracts key information from documents like invoices, forms, and contracts… This means our customers can pull out details from documents without making any errors, and they don’t have to label the documents or type in data by hand, thus protecting quality and improving productivity by more than 60%”

Karen Cone, a Venture Partner at Mastersfund and AffableBPM Board Director, remarked: “The frontline of healthcare is broadly diversifying beyond traditional institutions and expanding to virtual hospitals, healthcare communities, telehealth, retail outlets and even wearable medical devices.  There has never been a more important time for digital transformation in the back-office to provide the processes and secure data management necessary for personalized, safe, and cost-effective patient care. It is no wonder that AffableBPM’s solution is being recognized with the Rising B2B Startup Award.”

Mastersfund’s Managing Director, Anne Kennedy, expressed her excitement about their recent investment, stating, “Mastersfund is delighted to make an investment in AffableBPM. This digital transformation company’s scalable, user-friendly platform addresses the need for increased efficiency, data protection, and compliance. Under the leadership of founders Rajashree Varma and Linda Roberson, the AffableBPM team has developed a powerful product, secured early accounts, become a recognized Microsoft partner and is achieving substantial growth with exceptional capital efficiency.”

CEO Rajashree Varma is enthusiastic about the future:Mastersfund’s strategic investment, Karen Cone’s  experience as a board director and senior executive,  Linda Roberson’s deep healthcare subject matter expertise as founder and COO, and our Microsoft co-sell partnership and alignment with the #MicrosoftAI strategy will amplify benefits for our customers and partners in numerous ways to drive continued innovation in business process management. We look forward to the growth ahead!” 

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