AffableBPM Founder and CEO, Rajashree Varma is very delighted to welcome three exceptional individuals who have joined our organization in key roles, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise that will certainly contribute to our strategic product roadmap as we are integrating Microsoft AI and go-to-market strategy prominently investing into Microsoft co-sell as well as other channels like @Hyde Group, @iLeap Group and more. 

Karen Fassio, going to lead as Channel Strategist role since AffableBPM is committed to Cosell via channels. She has impressive 24-year journey at Microsoft, has consistently driven business excellence through strategic partnerships and innovative market approaches. Her leadership in various domains, including channel go-to-market, program development, marketing, and analytics, will be instrumental in shaping our future. 

Swati, a seasoned leader with over 20 years at Microsoft, is known for her exceptional ability to build and manage global teams. Her technical proficiency, results-oriented mindset, and extensive experience in program management and quality assurance make her a valuable addition to our team. 

Swati’s product ownership as AffableBPM moving on utilizing AI to bring true value for our customers will be making a huge impact for existing as well as new customers.  

Manisha brings a unique blend of technology and business development skills, with a passion for using technology to solve customer problems. Her expertise in market expansion, partnership development, and digital transformation initiatives will be a driving force in our journey ahead. 

Manisha’s unique advance approach on go-to-market not only for Microsoft alignment but other channels are going to accelerate the sales team.