We feel incredibly fortunate to have received ongoing support and guidance from our current advisors, including Michelle Hyde, Diana Kreklow, Dave Young, and Alec Roberson. Their invaluable assistance has not only enabled us to maintain the smooth operation of our business but has also played a pivotal role in our strategic growth, propelling us to new heights. 

As a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with a proven track record, Dave Young, has successfully led three startups, managed complex financial relationships on Wall Street, and played a pivotal role in the growth of mobile data services in the United States. His journey from finance to technology, including co-founding a software company acquired by an industry leader and subsequently purchased by IBM for $1.2 billion, has equipped him with a deep understanding of building value-driven, winning companies. With a strong focus on teamwork, adaptability, and a keen ability to ask the right questions, Dave has been contributing to the success of AffableBPM in many different ways. 

Our esteemed advisor, Michelle Hyde,, brings with her over 13 years of expertise in guiding enterprises through digital transformation, continuity reviews, and security assessments. Michelle’s in-depth understanding of infrastructure and cloud computing requirements, her ability to align these requirements with essential solutions, and unwavering commitment to authentic client advocacy is helping us implement our Go-To-Market strategy with Non-Microsoft Channels including Technology Services Distributors. 

With more than two decades of expertise as a seasoned business and technology leader, Diana Kreklow brings a track record of accomplishments in consultative sales, business development, marketing, and alliance management. Her extensive experience is underscored by a demonstrated proficiency in analyzing businesses, operations, markets, products, and growth prospects. We thank Diana for helping us define our Go-To-Market and Cosell Strategies with Microsoft. 

Our smooth business operations are impossible without guidance and help from Alec Roberson who has been helping us with Contract Review & Drafting, Compliance and Regulatory compliance, Corporate Governance and Due Diligence etc.  

We thank all of our existing advisors for their continued guidance, without whom our journey and achievements would not have been possible. Your wisdom, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in our success, and we look forward to continued collaboration and growth together.