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End-to-End Business Transformation

We plan on showing you how AffableBPM will streamline your end-to-end business and contract management processes through automation solving pain points and saving time and money.
Automate your manual processes, and reduce the need for paper
Meet your specific business requirements with easy customization
Manage your user access at multiple levels
Achieve data consistency and information availability at any time/place
Increase efficiencies with timely notifications, quick approval processes, and electronic signature
Improve productivity with extensions to Word, Outlook, Excel, OCR, etc.​
Allow business decisions to be assisted using scheduled or impromptu reports

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    Saved 70M pages, preserving 765 trees, 63K liters of oil, and 1.2M liters of water


    6,000+ users experience time-saving automation, enhancing productivity


    Multi-Billion dollars of contract value in Contract management Workflows