We are very happy to grow our diverse team to include two new members.

What's New August 2023

New Team Member Introduction

Manisha Umbarje: Manisha brings a wealth of experience from Technology and Marketing & Sales background to help us grow our Go-To-Market strategy with Microsoft. She is based out of Sammamish, Seattle.

Trupti Dhadame: Trupti joins us from Pune, India to help us support on our Product & Marketing efforts. She has already started helping us to improve “Help Menu” in our tool.

New Plug-ins

We are very excited to share with you that there are two more AI enabled plugins available for you to consider using as additions to AffableBPM. We are confident that our healthcare and education industry customers will benefit from these significantly and achieve more efficiency and productivity while automating their manual processes.

  • Data Importer:
    The AffableBPM Data Importer Module is an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their document processing and data input tasks. With its advanced machine learning technology, it can automatically recognize the metadata of various document types such as invoices, insurance policies, receipts, and more, eliminating the need for manual work. This allows customers to automatically input data into AffableBPM records, minimizing errors and greatly conserving resource time.
  • Data Simplifyer:
    This SaaS solution streamlines your operations by accelerating the digitalization process. It replaces outdated flat file systems with the power of web-based applications, accessible by your global teams. Data Simplifyer lets you transform your workflows, enhances productivity, and cuts transformation costs by up to 60%. We are currently focusing on a primary use case: processing claim data and standardizing it to enhance the RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor). This optimization assists our customers in boosting their payment per patient from payors. We are excited to hear your use case that can be automated by standardizing your data.

New Blogs

We’ve been diligently refreshing our website with a wealth of information that could prove invaluable to you. Feel free to explore the updates below:

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